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One thing I want to mention before I get to the actual main part of this week’s post: In last week’s post, I had “I Saw Her Standing There” on my top 5 Beatles “underdog” song list – It should have been “Fixing a Hole”! Because that one is definitely in my top 5 and I think just edges out the former. I thought of it as I was taking a shower after the post had gone live. Too late! Oh, well.

So on to the main post: The final chapter of BLUE, “shadowshow”! Apparently, this song has been floating around since the days of kin being played in concert. But I resisted the urge to listen to cell phone recordings of it until it was released on the album itself! So proud of myself.

Right off the bat I’ll say that, visually, it reminds me a lot of the final chapter of kin, which was “goods.” Which is to say it was mostly shot with minimal lighting and smoke/fog effects. And, you know, it’s the final chapter. At the same time, there’s a lot more going on here in “shadowshow” – and it’s not just that there are a LOT more shots. The broken mirror from last week is featured here. The ever-present shadow figures are, well, present. Though most of what we see of them is…their shadows! At least in the first half of the video.

Now that Jonna is done with BLUE, it seems she’s ready to return to land, while, in the second half of the video, she sends her shadow fans into the waters from whence she herself came, pied piper style. They’ve switched places. Now it’s time for the fans to immerse themselves in this completed project, while iam contemplates their next move. Or something. This is iamamiwhoami, who can say!?

As an aside, how awesome is that disco ball-inspired outfit?? I like it, anyway!


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thin and chasing kites

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for iamamiwhoami! It’s less than a month till the new album BLUE comes out, and I was wondering how they were going to release the rest of their videos by then. Question answered: They released the next 2 tracks together! My guess is they’ll release 2 more the week before the album drops and then the last one maybe the day before or day of.

A few days later, we got an interview in Dazed & Confused magazine! What a treat! I feel like’s it’s been a good while since we’ve had a decent interview. In this one, she gives a lot of love (and credit) to her fans for helping her make this album happen. This, I think, is the future of music. I’ve seen it happening more and more lately. Oh Land, another Scandinavian singer (Danish, specifically!) is making her album through a pledge page too. It’s very exciting to feel so close to an artist. They really are making the music for you. I want to see more mainstream artists doing this!

Anyway, let’s get on to the videos/singles! First up is “thin.”

Gosh, I love this one. It reminds me a lot of “fountain,” which I also really like, in that this one sounds a lot like it belongs in an 80’s fantasy movie. I just LOVE the change of pace in the song just past halfway through. It just swallows you up. It’s like being held down by an anchor in the middle of a waterspout. It’s frightening and beautiful at the same time.

I think Jonna Lee’s relationship with her fans has gotten a little complicated here. If that is who the shadowy black figures represent. I saw someone else suggest that maybe they represented her past? I’m not 100% sure about that. I can relate to the figures a little if they’re fans though. They’re getting messages in bottles from her, but the put their hands on their hips and scratch their heads in confusion at their meanings. Yes, yes, that I can relate to, haha. I suppose they figure they’re not going to get any meaning from the words because the end up burning or tossing away the papers. As I’ve said about iam before, I think their music is meant to be interpreted by everyone differently. It means something special for every individual, and no one is right and no one is wrong. That’s why they burn the papers but keep the bottles. The images of the shadowy figures holding up the empty bottles against the dusky sky gives me the shivers a little.

Next up is “chasing kites.”

We open to shots of a typewriter, dozens of sheets of paper (with what looks like her lyrics printed on them), and glass bottles. So that’s where they’ve been coming from! Jonna inhabits a lighthouse on a small island, all by herself. The shadowy figures are nowhere to be seen (except in a few fleeting flashbacks to other videos). She starts by singing “It’s a thin, thin line and I walk both sides of it.” What a great transition from the previous song! I can’t wait to hear the album as a whole. If anything, this is where she addresses her past. It feels like it’s representing her leaving her home (past) and casting her sails to the wind (future), even though she’s torn between the desire to stay and the decision to leave. This whole album, I think, is representing her journey from being this vague and mysterious project to a full-fledged “band” that’s captured the attention of, well, maybe not the world, but certainly a lot of people. She’s torn between enjoying the shroud of secrecy and wanting to share her work with everyone. (Refer back to the interview where she indicates her trepidation at becoming a “mainstream” artist while later stating that she doesn’t want to keep her artistry all to herself “in the closet.”)

It’s a really fascinating new look into iamamiwhoami’s psyche, especially Jonna’s. I’m certain she must be an introvert, because I’m familiar with that feeling of wanting to be alone, but not lonely. It’s this sort of Jekyll and Hyde tug of war in your head sometimes. Wow, this song really hits me when I think about it.

I’m so excited for this album! And they’ve finally announced the release of a physical album! I’ve already bought the digital version, but I just HAVE to have this CD, even if it doesn’t come with a DVD. Less than a month away now. Soon, soon, soon!

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hunting for pearls

Well, it finally dropped. It was a day late, but even nearly a week later I couldn’t let it go unaddressed on this blog. So here is is!

My first thought upon finishing it was “I don’t love it more than ‘fountain.'” And yet I bought the single and have been listening to it pretty frequently. There were even points where “fountain” would come up and I’d go “Nah, I wanna hear “hunting for pearls.”

It’s definitely a more danceable, engaging song. It’s more upbeat, but it doesn’t lose that dreamy, ethereal quality. Again, I’m reminded of 80’s fantasy movies. I hear more of a Depeche Mode-like sound in this one. So far, the songs have had a pretty consistent musical theme, the most consistent I’ve heard from them so far. Yet they still manage to make each song distinct from the next (again, so far). I feel like previous albums/projects have had a bigger hodge-podge of sounds — not that that’s a bad thing! I just see how it could be jarring for someone who was just hearing/watching them for the first time. (Especially with bounty, haha.) What I’m saying is if you’re tuning in to iamamiwhoami for the first time, you’ve picked the right moment!

The video features more fantastic scenery, but this time it’s with an element of danger, as Jonna flees from her faceless, featureless pursuers. In case you’re wondering what that box she’s holding so tightly is, it’s the embodiment of her last album kin. (You’d have to see how the final track/video of the album/project ends, but essentially…it’s a black cube.)

Oh, by the way, I neglected to mention that box was featured burning in a fire in her previous video, “fountain,” which you may or may not have noticed (or remembered, haha). So how does she have it wholly intact at the beginning of this video? I’ve seen a theory floating around that the videos so far are chapters of a new story being told backwards, from the end to the beginning. I wouldn’t put it past them, and it’s kind of making sense so far.

I think I can tentatively say that this is looking like a new album/project. They’re already lining up the singles on their website, and it looks like we’ll have another one to look forward to soon, maybe in a month. I wasn’t sure what the “GENERATE” thing was about at first, but I’m beginning to think it’s their own version of a Kickstarter campaign. From what I know about them, for as long as I’ve been following them, it looks like they’re putting the power in their fans’ hands. I’ve read that they create these videos and songs in real time, meaning they only start making the next one once they’re finished the one before it. So perhaps the timeliness, quality, and story of the next chapter depends on how much and how soon the fans contribute. Who can say for sure? iamamiwhoami still manages to maintain a shroud of mystery around them. I remember being worried that they wouldn’t be able to do that after kin had finished, when Jonna finally came out and started giving real interviews about the band/collective/project. I’m so pleased to be proven wrong.

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