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Girl Gang

Everyone has that one song (or more) they love and sing along to every time – only to finally look up the lyrics and realize they’re completely different. Not many people then go and make that song with their misheard lyrics as a cover. But that’s what Kate Nash did when she heard the song “Cocaine” by FIDLAR and turned it into “Girl Gang”!

Not much changes other than the name (and every instance of it in the song). It’s a straight up cover, and a great one at that. Definitely makes me want to don my old patch covered jacket, find some brass knuckles, and dare someone to mess with me.

I saw Kate Nash a couple of years ago at the Troubadour here in LA and she actually played this song. She even explained that the song did indeed result from misheard lyrics as I mentioned at the top of this post. She’s a big fan of FIDLAR, an LA based punk band, so much so that her bass actually has their inscription. Or did they give her their bass? I can’t remember exactly. But they’re well-acquainted with each other and she’s even performed on one of their songs.

Anyway, I love what she’s done with the song. It definitely fits in with her current riot grrl style/aesthetic/image. She even turns it into a sort of feminist track. I wish this one had made it onto a single as a B-side.

So it’s common knowledge these days that you should never look at the comments, and yet against my better judgement, I’ve done it anyway! They mainly consist of a three types of people:

  1. People who hate punk
  2. People who hate women
  3. People who miss “the old Kate Nash”

I’m really not sure who to roll my eyes hardest at here. Here is an example of type 1:

“She is trying really hard to sound ‘punk’ which kind of goes against the punk aesthetic, she has a genuinely nice voice and is just pushing really hard to ‘grunge it up'”

Also various disagreeable comments on how she “ruined” the original. Never mind the fact that this is a straight up cover and I’ve heard the original and they’re doing the exact same shouty/screamy thing so I guess you just hate punk – I don’t know what to tell you, Mansplainer McGee. (Yes, we’ve got some bonus mansplaining going on here!) This is just totally ignoring that the voice is an instrument, so she can (and SHOULD) test her range and push her limits and do whatever the fuck she wants which, last I checked, is pretty goddamn punk.

Then we have an example of type 2:

“No soy machista… pero esta canción en mi opinión no queda oara nada bien cantafa con la voz más fina de una mujer. Simplemente no me gusta”

Which basically translates to:

“I’m not sexist … vut in my opinion this song is not at all well sunf with the beautiful voice of a woman. I just do not like it”

I included the typos so you can get the full experience of Manly McWomen-Hater here. Do I need to say anything else? I really could have stopped at “I’m not sexist … vut”. There’s no need to go further.

And finally there’s type 3:

“As of late she’s gotten a little anti-man or something but her previous work is good, she’s awesome not this song. :p”

Here we have a superb example of “I Don’t Understand the Meaning of Feminism”, which is really a bonus to type 3. Yup, Kate Nash hates that fictional male character in her music video for no gosh darn reason! I mean, he looks like such a nice guy! Did anyone who listened to My Best Friend Is You really not see Girl Talk coming? Scratch that, reverse it: Did anyone who listened to Girl Talk not look back at My Best Friend Is You and say to themselves “Huh, guess I should have seen THAT coming”? Go back and listen again and if you don’t like it, you’re more than welcome to listen to Made of Bricks on repeat; your ignorant ass is forbidden from listening to My Best Friend Is You ever again.

Gosh, these are just a few precious gems. What’s that saying again – that every comment on an article about feminism only justifies the need for feminism? We’ve got poetry in motion right here, folks.

Anyway, enjoy the song and just imagine the duder in the video is one of these commenters. Check out the original FIDLAR track and video while you’re at, just for comparison! It’s silly (and NSFW) and it’s got Nick Offerman in it, which works perfectly. I’m off to rally up the girl gang.


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Okay, I feel a little silly writing a post about the Squidbillies opening theme, but I swear there’s a good reason for it! And besides, the opening theme to a TV show is still music!

Let’s just go ahead and take a listen to the original:

Haha! What a silly little country ditty, right? The lyrics are pretty funny, anyway. “Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode” kind of fits in with the show’s absurd and surreal themes. Admittedly, I’ve only seen a few episodes. It’s typical late night Adult Swim fare, as far as I can tell. Televised fodder for stoners. (Not saying that’s a bad thing or a good thing – it’s just a thing!)

So the creative minds behind Squidbillies have decided to mix things up a bit by having various artists record the opening theme. These include King Kahn and the Shrines, Centro-Matic, Todd Rundgren, and…wait for it…Neko Case!

WOAH. I like this angry, bitter Neko! And I want MORE! The silly little country ditty suddenly becomes this gritty noir-Western theme song. I could almost take the opening visuals seriously if it weren’t a cartoon squid. The style reminds me a lot of some of Neko’s early stuff, particularly some tracks from Blacklisted (“Ghost Writing” and “Runnin’ Out of Fools” come to mind). Gosh, what I wouldn’t give for this to be a full-length song.

This isn’t the first time Neko has worked with a Williams Street production – you may recall my post about her Christmas song for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I have to wonder if Neko is a night owl who stays up watching Adult Swim while she’s on tour. Or maybe the folks over at Williams Street are just fans of hers. Anyway, I love these collaborations! It shows that Neko loves to have fun. And I love artists who love to have fun!

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Fight for Your Right – Cover

I find that the majority of people fall into two camps when it comes to Coldplay: people who enjoy their music (on any level) and people who think they’re wannabe elite café music snobs.

Well, if you fall in the latter camp, you’re REALLY not gonna like this post.

A couple years ago, when Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died, Coldplay paid tribute to him by covering the band’s party anthem “Fight for Your Right” in their own very Coldplay way. Which is to say very toned down and even a little melancholy. It seemed like the antithesis of what the song was about, and yet I think it captured the spirit, albeit in a very different tone. It’s got this beaten down but not beaten feel to it. Down, but not out.

I actually really like that this was done live, because you can hear the audience reaction when they realize what Chris Martin is doing. It’s very emotional, especially when they sing along.

There was a lot of reaction following the performance at the Hollywood Bowl. It ranged from “amazing cover” to “wtf is this shit.” I think the latter camp is ignoring the point of the cover, which was to honor the passing of a fellow artist. After all, this was the same Adam Yauch being honored who apologized for sexist songs like “Girls” that were a product of their “drunken college frat boy” music genre stage.

Look, it’s okay to not like things, but don’t be a dick about it. Don’t press play on that video if you don’t like Coldplay. The rest of you, enjoy a touching tribute.

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