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Fight for Your Right – Cover

I find that the majority of people fall into two camps when it comes to Coldplay: people who enjoy their music (on any level) and people who think they’re wannabe elite café music snobs.

Well, if you fall in the latter camp, you’re REALLY not gonna like this post.

A couple years ago, when Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died, Coldplay paid tribute to him by covering the band’s party anthem “Fight for Your Right” in their own very Coldplay way. Which is to say very toned down and even a little melancholy. It seemed like the antithesis of what the song was about, and yet I think it captured the spirit, albeit in a very different tone. It’s got this beaten down but not beaten feel to it. Down, but not out.

I actually really like that this was done live, because you can hear the audience reaction when they realize what Chris Martin is doing. It’s very emotional, especially when they sing along.

There was a lot of reaction following the performance at the Hollywood Bowl. It ranged from “amazing cover” to “wtf is this shit.” I think the latter camp is ignoring the point of the cover, which was to honor the passing of a fellow artist. After all, this was the same Adam Yauch being honored who apologized for sexist songs like “Girls” that were a product of their “drunken college frat boy” music genre stage.

Look, it’s okay to not like things, but don’t be a dick about it. Don’t press play on that video if you don’t like Coldplay. The rest of you, enjoy a touching tribute.


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