Hey Arnold!

Today’s Music Tuesdays it a late one – so it’s gonna be a quick one!

Let’s start by talking about TV music. Been awhile since I used the TV tag! This time, I wanted to talk briefly about the music of the 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon show Hey Arnold! One of the things I remember liking about the show, besides the great characters and whimsical views of city life (it was always NYC to me), was the music. It fit the show so perfectly. It was cool, like its namesake character. And it was probably one of the reasons I got into jazz. Not that I’m well-versed on the subject – I listened to my local college station play jazz music at night, and sometimes I listened to my parents’ Harry Connick, Jr. CDs (20 was the main one for me). But put on some jazz and I won’t complain.

The music ranged from upbeat and swinging, like the intro theme here:

To smooth and laid-back, like this track, titled “Groove Remote,” which I’ve been listening to on repeat all day:

When I listen to this soundtrack (mostly random collections scattered across YouTube), I think still get the same sort of visions of NYC. I’ve thought of it as some kind of exotic place that exists in America. It’s not really a romantic fantasy view of the city. Well, maybe a little bit. But there’s still some real grit in there. It would make as much of an adventure as a boat ride down the Amazon River, in my mind. Full of possibilities to explore.

I feel like I’ve gone off on a tangent, but I swear it’s connected! The point I’m trying to make is that this is one of the places my imagination takes me when I listen to the jazz music featured in Hey Arnold! Of course, it’s pretty close to the vision presented by the show (which never REALLY said it was NYC), but I have to imagine that it could have played out another way if they’d chosen a different type of music.

Someday, when I visit the Big Apple, I’m going to be hearing this music play in my head.


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